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All Terrain Buggy

Image of a Delta BuggySometimes we will never know the true value of a moment until it becomes a memory. As parents and carers of children with disabilities/additional needs we know how important life experiences and these memories can be.

For our children accessing the beach is impossible. Going on a family bike ride is impossible. Skiing is impossible. Country parks are impossible - until now!

Little Hiccups has two All Terrain Buggies which will be available to book and borrow for family holidays, weekends and day trips. Little Hiccups have the MEDIUM and LARGE Deltas. Between the two wheelchairs we’ll have a size, the adaptations and all weather accessories to meet each child’s needs.

The Delta Buggy Hire is in line with the other services that Little Hiccups offer and is not a stand alone equipment hire services. It is part of our commitment to build memories for the Little Hiccups families. We do not hire out to unknown families. We ask that families are known to us, are registered for at least 6 months and use our other services. 

There is a small charge of £4 a day to help running costs and a small deposit of £50 required. Deposit will be refunded on the safe return on the Buggy.

Criteria for Hire

Procedure for Hire

Delta Documents

Little Hiccups Documents

All the below documents will be provided with the All Terrain Buggy Hire and are for reference only.

For more information or how to book a session, please email

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